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5935 Pacific Street, Rocklin, California 95677
Tailored Support for Every Individual's Unique Journey

Prime Adult Development is committed to providing comprehensive, personalized services to adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities tailored to meet individual needs. Located in Rocklin, California, our team of dedicated professionals empowers individuals to reach their fullest potential, enrich their lives, and foster a sense of independence and self-worth. We understand that each individual’s journey is unique, and we approach our programs with a flexible, person-centered mindset. By recognizing and respecting the distinct needs, interests, and goals of every client, we create a supportive environment where growth and development can flourish.

Our services include:

Smiling senior woman and homecare nurse

Self – Advocacy

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Homecare nurse smiling while combing the hair of a senior woman

Self – Help

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Senior gathering

Community Integration

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Behavior Management

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